Gordie Howe Bowl

Working collaboratively with the Owner, Wright transformed the Gordie Howe Sports Complex into an extraordinary facility that meets the community’s needs. The project involved multiple phases, including:

  • Replacement of Saskatoon Minor Football Field with CFL regulation artificial turf, stadium lighting, a new score clock, and state-of-the-art sound systems.
  • Construction of a clubhouse with amenities like dressing rooms, concession areas, washrooms, meeting rooms, and a versatile event space for up to 300 patrons.
  • Enhancement of surrounding areas with landscaping, a ticket booth, site furnishings, and improved traffic routing.
  • Addition of spacious bleachers and media suites on the south side of the field for an enhanced spectator experience and media coverage.
  • Comprehensive renovations encompassing new buildings, infrastructure upgrades, landscaping enhancements, lighting modernizations, and transformation of the Clarence Downey Speed Skating Oval into an IAAF Level 2 Track and Field facility.
  • Additional improvements included water service upgrades, fibre optic installations, gas service capacity expansion, and new stormwater management infrastructure.
Project Details
Delivery Method: Construction Management
Construction Type:  New
Size:  3,084,473sf
Location:  Saskatoon, SK