JLR & Volvo

The Jaguar, Land Rover (JLR) and Volvo Dealership in Saskatoon has been constructed to showcase all three brands in one facility that features individual showrooms and a shared two lane service drive-thru. This building also includes a shop equipped with multiple lifts for vehicles, a parts room and secluded office area. The Volvo glazing system consists of a unique curtain wall structure that incorporates the Volvo blue etched glass. The Volvo showroom has an inviting atmosphere due to the entry complete with prodema panel and the natural light coming from the full height curtain walls. The extent of the ceiling height opens up the space but it is also matched with a dropped ribbed wood ceiling above the lounge and reception area to divide up the opened concept. The Jaguar and Land Rover exterior features include to shades of aluminum composite panels and frameless glazing inset giving depth to the front of the building. The two showrooms are divided up with a lowered ceiling and different flooring patterns throughout.

Project Details:

Delivery Method:  Design-Build
Construction Type:  New
Size:  25,000 sq.ft
Location:  Saskatoon, SK