Value Engineering

Knowledge of the local industry, previous experience, innovation and collaboration are essential to the successful value of engineering of a project. Wright Construction has the required resources and expertise to bring value engineering to any project.

Whether acting as a general contractor, construction manager or design builder we believe as a project team member we should:

  • Ensure details designed are constructible in the field.
  • Recommend changes to eliminate conflict or improve clarity of the drawings.
  • Provide alternate solutions complete with pricing and effects on schedule.
  • Provide techniques and pricing for site specific conditions. (i.e., shoring solutions).
  • Provide guidance on subtrade and material selection as it relates to the market, site conditions, budget and time of year.
  • Ensure value for money.
  • Monthly Management Report
  • BIM Software
  • Website Collaborator
  • Risk Analysis & Mitigation
  • Critical Delivery Tracking
  • Look Ahead Scheduling
  • Quality Control & Assurance Programs