Sustainability Solutions

Wright Construction has been involved in a number of sustainability, LEED and Green Globe projects. Our qualified staff play an important role in ensuring that things such as low VOC products, recycled and regional materials and certified wood products are used as required to meet sustainability standards on each project. We also coordinate and monitor waste management requirements to ensure waste diversion goals are achieved.

We have developed new procedures on site and in office to complement our existing procedures to help reduce waste and promote sustainability. We utilize many erosion control measures to meet the sustainability requirements of each project. Methods such as silt fence installation, gravel mats and wheel washing at site entrance and exits, and covering stockpiled materials are applied for the duration of construction.

When it comes to waste management, Wright makes every effort to reuse and recycle building materials where possible. Through our past projects we have developed relationships with even more companies to increase the amount of recycling on our projects.

A clean working environment is essential during construction and indoor air quality is closely monitored. Wright utilizes vacuums with HEPA filters, wet mops and sweeping compounds for cleanup each day while mechanical trades seal open ductwork to eliminate re-circulation of dust. We aim to schedule installation of absorptive materials such as carpet and other fabric textiles at the end of the project or implement source controls to protect materials installed and enforce any requirements of using low VOC products.

Here at Wright, sustainability is an increasingly important requirement in construction and as a general contractor, we believe that ongoing efforts and education are required to improve and develop strategies to promote this philosophy.