Wright Construction Western Inc.


Lorne Wright and Mike Atkinson worked on behalf of the Owner to deliver a facility within a set budget. This required scrutiny of all building systems along with key relationships with major subcontractors. The management of snow and rain on the soccer fields were key. A comprehensive substructure and underground drainage system was developed to ensure the fields reacted to moisture as required. Lorne Wright acted as Project Director and lead the Design-Build Team through the analysis of different building methodologies. He guided the team through the design and tendering of the project. Mike Atkinson worked as Chief Estimator and provided cost and budgeting information as well as advise on subgrade and site preparation for the soccer fields. The importance of proper design and structure when working with the management of the elements (snow, rain, etc) on a large usable surface area such as the soccer fields. The areas needed to allow for the efficient removal of snow and the quick drainage of water so play could resume during in climate weather.

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