Wright Construction Western Inc.

Private Public Partnership

The Public-Private-Partnership or P3 is a method of project delivery where the project risk is placed with those best able to manage it. Wright Construction becomes part of a Consortium of partners including Concessionaires, Financiers, Service providers, Consultants, Suppliers and Contractors all working collaboratively in an effort to finance, design, build and in most cases, maintain and operate the project.

Typical variations of this project delivery method include:

  • Build-Finance (BF)
  • Design-Build-Finance (DBF)
  • Design-Build-Finance-Maintain (DBFM)
  • Design-Build-Finance-Maintain-Operate (DBFMO)

Our values, innovation and ability to contribute make Wright Construction a valuable member in any P3 project.

* Tradition * Efficiency * Teamwork * Design * Construction * Planning * Quality * Integrity *