Wright Construction Western Inc.

Company Profile

The Wright family has been active in Saskatchewan construction companies for over a century. Over three generations, we’ve literally helped to build this province, and along the way produced many Saskatchewan landmarks – including the original buildings of the University of Saskatchewan and the Saskatchewan and Bessborough Hotels.

In spite of our long tradition, we don’t rely on our history or cling to outmoded systems. Since the beginning of the Computer Age, we have been a leader in adapting the newest technologies to one of the world’s oldest industries. From providing all of our sites with digital cameras and computers, to having wireless email on sites devoid of telephone lines, Wright Construction takes the necessary action to ensure that our site superintendents are in constant contact with the office, design team and the client. With consultants from all across the country, our use of technology speeds up construction, lowers costs, and resolves minor design issues in a fraction of the time required by more traditional methods.

We truly feel that Wright Construction represents an appropriate mix of modern construction techniques and the time-tested values of respect for the client and superior workmanship.

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